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An Fiach Braithreachas

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Toast of the Morrigu by the Raven's Hearth

I am MACHA (MA-kha), THE MAIDEN, the waxing moon. I am passionate love, the visionary and the prophetess; I am the protectress in war as in peace. I am the washer woman who appears to those who are about to die in battle, washing their bloody clothes by the side of the road. I am also the fury that riots and revels among the slain.

I am the goddess of PROPHESY.

I toast to the future, to what is yet to come, to cunning, wisdom and fertility. I toast to new friends and evolution; I toast my loyalty and protection to Corvus.

I am NEMHAIN, THE WARRIOR, the full moon, the mother and the cauldron of ever-producing life.. I am the raven flying over the battle field who guides and watches over great warriors. I am the venomous one, appearing only to those who are about to die. My caw fills hearts with dread, as death’s call slides from my widespread wings. It is I who release those brave souls who have died on the field of battle.

I am the goddess of WAR MADNESS AND BATTLE.

I toast to revenge, bloodlust, strife, frenzy and fury. I also toast to Hearth, home and family. I toast to the camaraderie and the never ending victory of Corvus.

I am MORRIGAN, THE VENGEFUL CRONE, the waning moon, I am Badb (bov) the furious one, the scald crow, the messenger of death, cackling in delight at spilled blood upon a battlefield. My battle cry is louder than that of a thousand men, encouraging fighters to battle-madness. I can make a man die of fright, or become a slavering animal that seeks to drink his fellow’s blood.

I am the goddess of NIGHT, REVENGE, FATE AND DEATH.

I toast to ritual, wisdom, inspiration and enlightenment. I toast to the wisdom of our past. I toast to the longevity of Corvus.

WE ARE THE BADB (bov), THE MORRIGU; the Great Queen, the triad of fate, the carrion crow. We are three parts in one, the three phases of the silver moon, waxing, full, and waning. We are the battle furies who protect our own.

We toast to ALL that is Corvus!

An Fiach Braithreachas

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